Izmir Private Fatih College

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Izmir is Turkey’s third most populous city and it is called the pearl of Eagean Region. Our city has mediterranean climate so it is very warm city. Izmir attracts tourists with its historical places, museums and holiday villages. Antic Ephesus City, Smyrna, Historical Elevator are only some of them. Izmir is also famous with its international Fair that is held every year.

Our school is placed in one of Izmir’s most popular neighbourhoods, güzelyal─▒, and local transportation is very easy to all of the central points of the city. Subway and bus stations are very close to our school. In addition to its suitable location, our school is next door neighbour of “Adnan Saygun Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi” which is a famous culture and art center.

We have 57 students in 4-5 years old students group and 107 students in 6 years old students group. We have 164 students and 27 teachers in total. ─░zmir Özel Fatih Kindergarden offers its services in a warm, safe and tolerating environment, with true life experience methods. Our programmes are child-centered, game-based and uniquely designed for each age group. Our motto is “No education that is based on love, can fail.” We cooperate with Dokuz Eylül University, Early Childhood Education and Child Development Department for teacher training and programme design.

Not every student can learn at the same pace. In consequence of this fact, we use multiple intelligences applications based on different learning processes, with active learning methods and techniques. Latest innovations and developments in education sector are introduced to our instructors periodically by highly specialized academics.

It is essential to consider limited life experiences of students when it comes to preschool language teaching. Our children’s short-timed motivations are utilized to provide interactive speaking skills. Frameworks of our educational processes are meaningful activities, goal-oriented games and thematic approach. Fairy tales and songs which constitute much of the fantasy world of the age group, are the key elements for the language training we offer. In our kindergarden, preschool language training is conducted by highly experienced, distinguished experts in the relative age group. At the specific days of the week the students are taught visual arts, creative drama, music, physical education, chess, information Technologies, swimming, folk dances and balet which are given by our specialists. Our students get the primitive language education, concept education, Science and Nature studies, maths and free time activities according to yearly plan which is prepared separetly for each group of age under the guidance of the teacher within the full day education based on active learning method and techniques. We believe in the importance of parent-school communication in order to give a healthy and effecive education for our students.

English education starts at the age of 4 in our school. English teachers give 8 hours English education in a week. 5 year old students learn 8 hours English in a week but 6 hours English lessons are given by English teachers and 2 hours of these are given by native speakers as speaking lesson. 6 year old students have 10 hours of English education. Again, 2 hours of these are native speakers’ and 8 hours are English teachers’.