logo cardetCARDET CY is one of the premier education and innovation organizations in Cyprus with extensive experience developing and implementing education programs and organizing education conferences and teacher-training seminars. It has considerable experience and expertise in literacy, language, and reading promotion projects:

1. Lifelong Readers (LiRe) (2011-2013), Comenius Multilateral: CARDET is the lead partner. The project promotes the improtance of reading at the European level. This projects was selected by the EU Commission as a best practice on Literacy.

2. Alphabets of EU (2012-2014), KA2: The AlphaEU project focuses on the Key Activity 2 priority: “Promoting early language education.” Promotes the acquisition of bilinguism in pre-schoolers by developing, piloting, and implementing digital alphabet books and alphabet-related games and interactive activities. 

3. Design – Practice: A Framework for Preparing Teachers to Teach with ICT (2009-2011), LdV TOI: CARDET was the lead partner of this project, which aimed to transfer innovation from the world’s leading institution on e-learning (Open University of the UK) into the local context of teacher professional development.

4. EduComic: Using Web Comics in Education (2008-2010), Comenius Multilateral: CARDET was a partner in the project. The goal of the project is to help children forge an alternative pathway to literacy by writing, designing, and publishing original web comic books.